Is exercising at home effective?

Q: Are indoor exercises at home effective to keep fit and lose weight? Read more of this post


Keeping fit after pregnancy

Q: Can you please advice on how to keep fit after having a baby? Read more of this post

Ask Vee! Your fitness questions answered

Q: I sit at work all day and have no time to exercise, are there any desk exercises I can do? Read more of this post

Exercising, but no results: Is it me or is this scale not working?

You have recently embarked on a new exercise regimen, the first three months have been great, you’ve lost about 15 pounds and then all over a sudden you realize that the numbers on the scale are not changing. Read more of this post

10 Reasons why You are not Losing Weight

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“I want to lose weight this year”.  Does this statement sound familiar? Do you find that at the beginning of each year this particular resolution always makes your list? Read more of this post

Tip #8: Say NO to fad diets

There are so many fad diets out there, I am sure you have heard them all, perhaps even tried some. The key question is, have they worked?  Read more of this post

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