Have you heard? Hollywood’s New Fad: Shedding the Pounds with Baby Food (“Baby Food Diet”)

“Jennifer Aniston Eats Baby Food To Lose Weight”.  This must be some kind of a joke….right? Read more of this post


10 Reasons why You are not Losing Weight

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“I want to lose weight this year”.  Does this statement sound familiar? Do you find that at the beginning of each year this particular resolution always makes your list? Read more of this post

Boys in an Elementary School in Toronto Hit the Gym before they Hit the Books



Imagine having treadmills & stationery bikes inside your kids’ elementary classroom? Say what??? Read more of this post

Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit…stay tuned!!!

When January hits, millions of individuals tend to make a couple of New Year’s resolutions. Loosing weight is definitely among the popular ones. I say, don’t wait until January 1st Read more of this post

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