Q & A: Skipping for Weight Loss

Q: I am overweight, someone advised me to skip so that I can lose weight quickly but when I skip my knees hurt. What do you advice? Read more of this post


Is exercising at home effective?

Q: Are indoor exercises at home effective to keep fit and lose weight? Read more of this post

Keeping fit after pregnancy

Q: Can you please advice on how to keep fit after having a baby? Read more of this post

Ask Vee! Your fitness questions answered

Q: I sit at work all day and have no time to exercise, are there any desk exercises I can do? Read more of this post

Exercising, but no results: Is it me or is this scale not working?

You have recently embarked on a new exercise regimen, the first three months have been great, you’ve lost about 15 pounds and then all over a sudden you realize that the numbers on the scale are not changing. Read more of this post

Tip #8: Say NO to fad diets

There are so many fad diets out there, I am sure you have heard them all, perhaps even tried some. The key question is, have they worked?  Read more of this post

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