Keeping fit after pregnancy

Q: Can you please advice on how to keep fit after having a baby?

A: Congratulations to all the new mothers;  this one is for you :). First and foremost, I would highly suggest that you start an exercise regimen only after your have completed your six week postnatal check-up. If you had a C-section, give it a couple more weeks especially for abdominal exercises. But most importantly, your doctor should be able to give you the go-ahead after all the necessary tests have been administered. In the meantime, you can continue to carry out your Kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises) to promote healing and to strengthen your pelvic muscles.  You can also brisk walk for a few minutes a day, but listen to your body.

Some exercises after the first 6-8 weeks (having consulted with your doctor)

· Briskly walking for about 25-30minutes a day (treadmill, or outside)

· Dancing is a great exercise and fun too. I am sure this will put a smile on your baby’s face  seeing you getting jiggy wit’ it :). Do people still say that? I don’t know….i’m old

· Swimming is good for cardio and will also help to strengthen the muscles.

Check out these short videos for some strength training exercises that you can do in the comfort of own home.

Important: Always warm up before any workout and always stretch after.  Start off slowly, and gradually increase intensity and time as your body regains its strength. Good luck and have fun with it!


Disclaimer: ***All information provided on this blog is provided as general information only. Please consult your physician or other qualified health care provider before beginning an exercise and nutrition program.****


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